Friday, 7 May 2010

Ilford North and Ilford South Constituencies

Two shots of adrenaline rush fired with the announcement of the results for Ilford North and Ilford South constituencies during the early hours of this morning in the press pack race for accurate and speedy reporting. The press pack at Redbridge Town Hall included the local papers, The Muslim Paper and BBC and ITN stringers. No TV – they weren’t contentious seats.

Here are a couple of snaps from the press balcony overlooking the count, which were taken just before midnight; way before the announcements.

In the bottom right hand corner of this pic (above) you can see Mike Gapes, Labour MP for Ilford South, in his red rosette – he easily retained his seat.

In the top left hand corner (above), those who know him will be able to make out Lee Scott, Conservative MP for Ilford North, who also easily retained his seat.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


The day before the Election and the papers show their colours:

The Guardian: Lib Dem
The Independent: Lib Dem
The Times: Labour (for a Tory-Lib Dem pact)
The Telegraph: Conservative
The Daily Mail: Conservative
The Express: Conservative
The Sun: Conservative
The Mirror: Labour