Friday, 11 September 2009

Tori Amos - Sinful Attraction Tour

I’m expecting nothing short of a religious experience at tonight’s Tori Amos gig at Hammersmith Apollo. No, really, I am just expecting something spiritual. Actually, what I am honestly expecting is a cross between enlightenment and a refreshed perspective on sexual politics. In fact, all I am really hoping for is a good time.



taylora98 said...

Last night (Thursday) was a great show. But very little verbal interaction from Tori other than a few lines about how the Apollo was her local.

She should play a solo tour next. Take away those drums. Dika, dika, dika, DIKA, dika - or at least PLEASE change the rhythym.

Winter (solo) was amazing.

Karen Burke said...

Thanks for the info, Taylora!

Wasn't Matt Chamberlain on drums? He usually has a good musical dialogue with her. Guess I will find out soon enough!

taylora98 said...

Hi me again. What did you think of the show?

It was Matt C. on drums as usual, but I guess after 4 shows I've got bored with his style. I agree that he and Tori play well together though.

I need a change and I always find the solo interludes mesmerising.

Hope you enjoyed it. How was the audience? I've never seen so many people get up and go for drinks again and again.

Karen Burke said...

Hi Taylora :)

It was amazing - she was everything and more! I managed to exchange my ticket with an American woman who had bought up loads of front row seats – I think she must have been part of Tori’s crew as she was wearing a mic on her jacket – and so I moved from the row O in the circle to row G in the stalls! Being so close, I was able to experience a dynamic. I was dancing in my seat! She really concentrates on transferring what she feels through the creation of her music and is very receptive to the effect her music has on the audience. I really get where she is coming from and what she is trying to do when she performs.

Anyhow, when she played Strong Black Vine there was a surge forward. Everyone in the stalls was on their feet, but the circle stayed seated. It’s an incredibly powerful song and people went wild for her profanic rant at the end. When she finished playing that song, she ran off stage giggling, then came back to play a couple more songs for the encore.

I have only seen Tori play once before and that was from the balcony at the back of the circle - also at Hammersmith - so Friday was a real treat.

I didn’t have a problem with Matt’s drumming and I think she and him have a good mental connection. There was only one moment when he appeared to have missed a cue she was trying to give him. I don’t think she will let him go.

Karen Burke said...

Oh, and Precious Things was spine tingling. She repeated again and again the line "you're really an ugly girl" - really building up the emotion, the scene, the memory, etc, and opening up the wound (of shame, disgust, etc) - and then healed it - "let them wash away"

taylora98 said...

Hi Karen.

Thanks for posting your thoughts. It's always interesting to read a review of a (similar) show from another point of view. I've seen Tori at Hammersmith 5 times now, including the show last week - I've always been in the stalls luckily. The recent show was right up there in terms of performance but I still prefer the solo spots. First time I saw her live was on the Strange Little Girls tour where she performed solo throughout. Maybe that has influenced my preferences?

Sounds like you did well to get your ticket upgraded. I've heard that she often (always) keeps some seats in the front rows free for potential upgrades. I wonder what happened to your original seat - whether that got resold?

In the Thursday show during the countback (Gimme 8....) in Big Wheel she lost her way and forgot the count. Twice. They didn't stop playing and somehow managed to restart the song from a point where she could try again. I guess that proves the band do have a certain chemistry. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on Matt! Tori certainly seemed genuinely excited at the end of the show.

I hope you don't mind me posting on your blog. I happened across it when searching for reviews of the Thursday show. It's interesting to get direct feeback.

Now I've found your pages I'll have a read of the other stuff you've been writing about.

All the best


Karen Burke said...

Hi Taylora/A.

Thanks for your posts on my blog! If you have a blog, I would be interested in taking a look too.


Strawsonian said...

Sounds like it was a great gig. Congratulations on the upgrade, too. You'll know what to do next time :)

My favourite Tori track is still Cornflake Girl, but I think there are other tracks of hers that sound better live. Having seen Tori twice with a backing band, I like the idea of seeing her perform solo (presumably with just a piano). I guess you'd have to look at her website to know what kind of gig it was going to be in that respect.

taylora98 said...

Hi Karen

My blog was only born on Monday so is suffering birth pangs...

You're more than welcome to laugh at it until it grows into something fully formed.