Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Martin Amis Overkill

Could the press stop falling over backwards for Martin Amis just because he has a new novel out? I don’t see why he merits being plastered all over the front pages of the national press day in and day out. The Telegraph is so enamoured that it has printed a picture of him smouldering into the camera as a young man next to one of his recent quotes: “Have looks ever been more important? There’s a great tyranny of looks now.”


Yesterday we had to suffer him in The Guardian saying that Gloria Steinem turned him into a feminist during one single day in New York: “It’s the rhetorical device she uses throughout, and it’s very effective.” He is never going to say Andrea Dworkin turned him into a feminist is he.

(Gloria Steinem: http://tinyurl.com/ycngjmk)
(Andrea Dworkin: http://tinyurl.com/2zq3gt)


Strawsonian said...

Amis is just touting his wares, such as they are. I don't mind him giving press interviews - though it's surprising how much he repeats himself from one to the other. What I find objectionable - as a potential reader of his stuff - is when he knowingly says something controversial just to garner column inches ahead of his book coming out. I'm thinking of his recent remarks on euthanasia booths in the Sunday Times Magazine:


Essentially, he's being a salesman, and as such he deserves to be shown the door.

While we're on the subject of Amis, though, did you read Tibor Fischer's take on Yellow Dog a few years back? Here's the relevant quote:

Yellow Dog isn't bad as in not very good or slightly disappointing. It's not-knowing-where-to-look bad. I was reading my copy on the Tube and I was terrified someone would look over my shoulder (not only because of the embargo, but because someone might think I was enjoying what was on the page). It's like your favourite uncle being caught in a school playground, masturbating.


Amis's response: to call Fischer a "fat-arse". Hmmm, I think we know who won that exchange, don't we Marty?

Karen Burke said...

Yes, an overindulged salesman.