Monday, 28 February 2011

Self-Help Books

I’ll be on Premier’s Drive Time Review panel tomorrow at 3pm with George Luke and (I guess) one other person. We’ll be reviewing:

1) You Can’t Play The Game If You Don’t Know The Rules by Dr Irene Alexander.

2) Beyond The Gates of Splendor (documentary).

3) Hillsong Tour Collection (after four CDs of Hillsong, you may need to hear some minor chords).

We’re still in February and I’ve already read two self-help books this year. Help!


Paul Taberham said...

Have fun! Keep me posted on where I can hear it.
Why did you tag RHCP in your post?

Karen Burke said...

Because the Hillsong experience was so awful that I wouldn't want to inflict that on anyone. Even when they play minor chords, they sound like they are playing major chords. Every song sounds the same. The closest reference I have is Jason Donovan's Greatest Hits from 1991 - and that's actually better.

Karen Burke said...

The third panelist turned out to be Sharlene Hector. Here she is: