Thursday, 17 May 2012

Milo and The Restart Button

Back from a pre-record of the Review Show for Premier Radio with the Original Miss B. After complaining from one show to the next about self-help books, Premier very kindly spared me this time. Instead, we were treated to a pre-teen book with a compelling narrative voice: “Milo And The Restart Button” by Alan Silberberg, and an autobiography by East End champion powerlifter Arthur White who crossed the legal line into drugs, crime and violence: “The Power and The Glory” (co-written with Martin Saunders). Milo had me hooked from page one (this from page one: “I love Summer Goodman but she barely knows I exist, which I’m pretty okay with because when you love someone, they don’t have to do anything – and Summer does nothing, so I think it’s all going to work out great”), and "The Power and the Glory" opened with a gripping preface that led into a fascinating story about East End culture and masculinity.

We also reviewed an album: “Go” by Rachel Chan. It’s the kind of album that folks on a Chick fil-A date night might have playing in the background. Here’s a sample.


Anonymous said...

The books sound fun. The song's a bit too cutesy for me - and I'm not so sure about her dad rapping, either (he is a cool preacher, though!)

Paul Taberham said...

That *is* a nice quote from the first page! Sounds good