Thursday, 9 December 2010

Student Protests

I just passed a student demo along Baker Street. Also today, I discovered at least two Oxford University libraries are now closed at the weekend because it’s no longer term time. What’s the bet that when students are paying £9,000 a year to go there, those libraries will still be closed at the weekend outside of term time? Term time at Oxford is just eight weeks. And the last time I was in the Bodleian, one light fixture was buzzing so loudly it was like trying to read with an alarm bell activating overhead, another light fixture was flashing on and off continuously and one reading room was freezing cold. I hope someone else complained too.

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Paul Taberham said...

There's a new building for arts and humanities at Kent Uni. It's mostly a nice place to be around, quite minimalist and modern. But there are some glaring design errors which it wouldn't take much to fix, but no-one's on the case.